WiFi connectivity with smartphone


  • Electronic Scale
  • Health Care
  • Security Monitors
  • Baby Monitors

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi Ad-hoc / Clouded connection
  • Wi-Fi P2P connection
  • Camera Sensor support: OV2643, MT9D111, MV5103,NT99140P (720p, 30fps), PO1105K (720p, 20fps)
  • MPEG4/H.264 format encoding
  • Standard Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Video streaming on Smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Clouded data centralize
  • Smartphone control (iOS or Android)

What  can we provide

  • Product development and solution
  • Design Review & Customizing Support
  • Cloud service development
  • Smartphone Apps development (iOS or Android OS)