About Us

As a ‘one-stop’ value added solution provider, Li Seng Technology offer to our clients:

  • Turnkey design from concept to products
  • Software developments from using 32-bit ARM core microcontroller to 4/8 bitv
  • single chip micro-controller
  • Quality electronic components

Our high caliber Research & Development team never stops sharing their great passion in exploring new technology. For more than 20 years, we leverage our experience over 1,000 projects of consumer electronics products, ranging from Android Tablet, Wifi netbook, WinCE devices, Bluetooth watch, WiFi netbook, MP3 player, Electronic dictionary, TV remote controller, Electronic games, electronic scales and many more.

Li Seng Technology is determined to turn your ideas into a real-life product.

Li Seng Technology also offers project management service as well as liaison with our professional strategic partnership manufacturers for production of specific products.


  • 2008 - Data Terminal with Wifi (Linux OS) using Samsung ARM9 400MHz MCU

  • 2007 - Watch designed and manufactured for an Internationally well-known French Product Designer on his new watch caliber

  • 2007 - Thai / Vietnam / English Dictionary Color TFT with Wifi (Linux OS) using Samsung ARM9 400MHz MCU

  • 2006 - Collaboration with an Global Mobile company on their 1st Bluetooth watch with Caller ID and Music Control

  • 2005 - Thai / English Dictionary B&W using Samsung 16-bit RISC MCU

  • 2003 - Collaboration with a leading American Fashion Group to create Ana-Digital Watches with’automated’ graffiti on the LCD display

  • 2001 - Collaboration with a leading American Fashion Group to create Ana-Digital Watches using our patented ’Dial-Color changing’ technology. Delivered quantity over 1 million pieces within 1 year

  • 1999 - Watch movement development for a renowned Danish Toy Manufacturer on their 1st digital watch

  • 1998 - 1st version of PDA (using Motorola 16-bit Dragon Ball) Launched using proprietary OS

  • 1993 - Samsung Authorized Software Design House in HK

  • 1991 - Company Established