As a ‘one-stop’ value added solution provider, Li Seng Technology offer to our clients:

  • Turnkey design from concept to products
  • Software developments from using 32-bit ARM core microcontroller to 4/8 bitv
  • single chip micro-controller
  • Quality electronic components

Our high caliber Research & Development team never stops sharing their great passion in exploring new technology. For more than 20 years, we leverage our experience over 1,000 projects of consumer electronics products, ranging from Android Tablet, Wifi netbook, WinCE devices, Bluetooth watch, WiFi netbook, MP3 player, Electronic dictionary, TV remote controller, Electronic games, electronic scales and many more.

Li Seng Technology is determined to turn your ideas into a real-life product.

Li Seng Technology also offers project management service as well as liaison with our professional strategic partnership manufacturers for production of specific products.

Latest News | 最新消息

NXP Semiconductors & LI SENG lit up the Internet of things to the world

“Taipei, December 12, 2013″-NXP Semiconductors (NXP Semiconductors N.V.; NASDAQ:NXPI) and Li Seng Technology Ltd. based in Hong Kong, recently announced solution suppliers to facilitate scientific and technological cooperation, the two companies will provide the construction markets in greater China with intelligent lighting system. Through low-cost, low-power wireless networking connection technology, the partnership is expected to further promote the Internet of things (IoT) development.

In the Internet of things in the world, networking and lighting systems will be the communications hub of the building management system, including lighting, security, fire detection, temperature control and personnel testing. These features enable you to connect to a personal computer and a mobile device to realize cloud control, data acquisition and data processing and storage. By 2020, the market value of the home and construction-related equipment is expected to reach us $ 665 billion, spread over 29% in the more extensive interconnection equipment market share.

NXP and LI SENG technology cooperation in the field of intelligent lighting to create new business opportunities, achieve a variety of higher-order control functions, provides low-cost and convenience of customized lighting experience. As market who have the strongest strength gateway technology solutions provider, LI SENG technology through the iOS or Android system provides your home local area network low cost connectivity to the remote network applications, and real-time control for intelligent lighting inside the building. 2 Gateway products with a high degree of flexibility of the leading technology, customers can choose the JenNet-IP or ZigBee communications protocol based on actual needs. At the same time, its advanced expertise and strong customer relations will help NXP to a broad customer base to deploy affordable lighting solutions.

LI SENG Technology Engineering Director, Mr. Andrew Wong said: “in the field of market-leading technologies such as ZigBee and JenNet-IP, NXP to their professional reputation. Through the cooperation, LI SENG to a high economic efficiency of service and easy high quality solutions, enhance the user experience of intelligent lighting. Expect our customers to easily interconnect lighting system, through full support of NXP, a cooperation relationship between the two sides in a period of less than six months from construct wish to progress to actual production, significantly ahead of customer expectations. We are convinced that the co-operation will enable us in greater China to further implement the intelligent building and the intelligent office environment, NXP lighting products of great potential, will step into the global market, and widespread in many sales pipeline service.


“This collaboration, NXP provides full support and create intelligent lighting systems involved in key technologies, such as remote control, terminal equipment and sensors. NXP ZigBee and wireless communication technology to facilitate JenNet-IP into Gateway products can be seamlessly connected to the device and operation management, while ensuring that each component and its integrity, and confidentiality of data exchanged between the central control system.


NXP greater China Senior Vice President Ye Yuliang (恩智浦大中華區資深副總裁葉昱良)said: “the realization of intelligent lighting and networking needs of like-minded vendors in the industry ecosystem needs cooperation to jointly develop solutions. We are very pleased to cooperate with the LI SENG. Both through a combination of advanced technology, intelligent lighting solutions not only improve more in line with customers ‘ needs, but also for win-win advantage with LI SENG, move towards greater market. Through jointly with the intelligent lighting industries leading pioneer, NXP to obtain first-hand feedback of market demands and customer requirements, enabling us to more accurately forecast industry trends and active than ever before.


So far the launch of intelligent lighting solutions, NXP greater China aimed at intelligent building market in Europe and North America were aimed at the consumer market.

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